I found the most amazing web site this afternoon. It’s called Zen Pencils. It was mentioned in the most recent RunnersWorld magazine and wow, am I glad that this very talented guy has made his art available on the web. I especially love the Neil Degrasse Tyson poster and the Theodore Roosevelt poster, but I think I have checked them all out now….amazing! I plan to order a couple as gifts and to hang at work. 

I also found this blog. I love her recent post with this quote


that she attributes to Men’s Health magazine. I totally believe this. Of course there are parts of my own body that I wish were different, but I can’t imagine not running, exercising, being active, feeling my muscles stretch and contract, breathing hard, sweating, and knowing that my body can do what I ask of it (within reason of course…I know my limits :) ). I am finding inspiration in lots of places these days.

Running is going well also…I had a reasonably high mileage week, at 42, because I was able to get two double digit runs in, and so I am feeling a little more sore than usual. I am still trying to keep it light and easy…there is lots of time to increase intensity as I work towards my mid-October marathon goal of running sub-9 minute miles. 

DH and I took advantage of the free Hollister Night at Hayward Field on Friday. It was part of the Prefontaine Classic meet, and the highlight was the Kenyan 10K Oly Qualifier. All I can say is ‘WOW”! The west grandstand was packed, and the crowd was on its feet for the last 2K. These guys were amazing to watch and it was a fun race. They traded positions often at the front…lots of strategic surges…The winner was across the line in just over 27 minutes….yes, that is 27 minutes…and yes, that is 6.2 4:25 minute miles strung together…Incredible. I felt honored to be there….as close as I will ever get to the Olympics for sure.

So, here is a wrap up of the week’s workouts….how did you move your body this week?